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"...Social cohesion must also be underpinned by the amelioration of material poverty and disadvantage." Social Cohesion in Diverse Communities, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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Challenge 1 - Poverty of opportunity - Young people as a whole are facing real challenges in today's society, with poor job opportunities and increased competitiveness. These, combined with youth on youth violence and the increasing number of 'broken' families, can lead to increased mental ill-health and hopelessness.

Challenge 2 - Social isolation - Britain is a multi-cultural country, but the real picture is much more complicated. In 2005, the Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality spoke of how British cities are 'sleepwalking to segregation'. He presented a stark picture of ethnic groups living residentially seperated lives with their 'own kind' or inhabiting seperate social and cultural worlds.

Poverty and fear of 'the other' combined, can lead to a sense of injustice, isolation, anger and alienation from mainstream society.

Our work - By focusing on hard skills such as tools and techniques to improve personal resilience, Encompass aims to provide real, long-lasting benefits, such as leaving young people better able to cope with life pressures and challenges, use critical thinking skills to appreciate different perspectives and come to their own view, and work with peers - effectively engaging a whole generation to a resilient and empathetic understanding of shared identity, community, rights and responsibilities.

We are currently developing a new Same Difference UK programme aimed at diverse communities and cultures. Look out for more details of venues and dates coming soon.

The Bridge Programme Schools Pilot - Could your school benefit from challenging and interesting input in to your schools citizenship agenda? If so, Encompass is working on a new programme set to role out in late 2015. Since 2003 we have been working with young people from five countries and are experts in the teaching of community understanding and cohesion.  

Music Pilot and Young Leaders Pilot - more information coming soon!


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