Why bring Encompass to your school?

Because we create memorable experiences for pupils that they will happily talk about to their friends, families - and if necessary Ofsted inspectors - long after the event.  Bringing our experience in facilitation together with the specialist knowledge of a team of teachers, we have created and tested a number of schemes of work that enable pupils to understand themselves and the world around them in a new way.  These schemes tick all the boxes for the government’s guidance on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC) in schools and the Ofsted criteria for Britishness.

More than anything, we want to enable your pupils to be even more thoughtful, resilient and open to other people’s beliefs and viewpoints and to be aware of their own identity and how it compares to others around them.     


Programmes for your school

A Refugee Life - is an innovative and immersive experience for pupils in your school, which teaches them a large section of the British values and citizenship curriculum in an original and highly memorable way. We provide an exclusive scheme of work that consists of four carefully planned lessons, together with all the resources that take pupils through a mock process of becoming a refugee – from providing them with ID cards and encouraging them to research their home country through to class debates about why someone would want to move to the UK, what sort of countries they might have come from and why.These highly participatory lessons provide the learning and preparation for an Encompass hosted drop-down day – a  whole  day  run  by  trained  Encompass facilitators, who come into the school and transform it into an asylum centre scenario in which all pupils involved  in  the  preparation  sessions  are in  role for the day. Pupils implement their learning over the past weeks on this day in an innovative and engaging scenario setting – we find this kind of learning is highly memorable for the young people and is a very powerful learning experience.

The Bridge Programme -  is different from other interventions in schools. It is not intended as a targeted intervention for small groups of pupils . Our programme is intended for all pupils across the secondary spectrum. At Encompass we believe in building resilience in all young people and in communities to potentially harmful ideologies. Through the Bridge Programme we aim to focus on the ‘harder’ skills, tools and techniques to improve personal resilience and aim to have real, long-lasting effects, such as leaving young people better able to cope with life pressures and challenges, to use critical thinking skills to appreciate different perspectives and come to their own view, and to work well with peers. We believe that, if we can engage all pupils in this learning process, then we are effectively engaging a whole generation in a resilient and empathetic understanding of shared identity, community, rights and responsibilities. In doing so we are empowering these pupils to be the bright future of a more safe and cohesive society tomorrow.

Identity & Community - is the exploration of identity and community in a variety of Encompass-designed, creative and engaging workshops. These can be delivered in a variety of ways to suit your pupils’ needs. 

Britishness – is the exploration of what it means to be British and what “Britishness”  might actually mean. We have delivered this programme in variety of innovative and creative ways. We recently worked with a group of 6th Form pupils on a 6 week media project exploring identity and Britishness. The group were tasked to create short docu-films around what it means to be British. Watch one of the docu-films here.  

Types of intervention

From experience we know that no two schools are the same. For this reason we are very open to working with schools to respond to their particular needs, whether this is on a specific topic, style of intervention, length of intervention or any other need you identify. We will try our best to cater to your needs. The work we have done to date has included:

  • Structured short schemes of work
  • Whole day take overs
  • Small group sessions
  • Whole class sessions
  • One off assemblies
  • One off sessions
  • Onsite
  • Offsite
  • Involving adventure sports/ outdoors 
  • Involving the creative arts 


What "they" say about our work

“I like the team working, the questions that we were asked, listening to other people’s opinions was quite enlightening as well. I’d say it was really fun. We shared our ideas and opinions, so I actually learnt a lot from listening to different people’s views and ideas. I can speak more confidently to others now…” - Participant, 2015

“Just going off their [the participants’] verbal feedback, I think their eyes were opened by how they form opinions about other people and the world around them. Some of the young people that aren’t necessarily very reflective at times…they were quite quick to say ‘I was wrong about that, but this is why I think I came up with that portrayal’…as a consequence of the programme that they went on I think they’re more independent thinkers.

One of the things that we’re very passionate about is getting our young people to have a voice, and organisations like Encompass give our young people that voice. I’m not aware of another organisation that does anything like this. I think it’s incredibly valuable, I think there should be more of it, I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for young people; I’d whole heartedly recommend for there to be more of it really.” - Ben, Programme Manager at a youth organisation


Email Sahdia, our Schools Coordinator, here for more information or for a chat about our work call us on 0208 4230 272.

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