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"We forgot what we were 'supposed' to be. We were just people."

Encompass works with young people from five countries - Palestine, Israel, Indonesia, the USA and the UK. Our flagship international programme is the Journey of Understanding. Twice a year, we bring young people from diverse communities, cultures and religions together to take part in life-changing activities which challenge ideas around stereotype, conflict and community. We use two centres in the UK for these programmes - one in Wales and one in Cumbria. All programmes are run by professional facilitators.

Once the initial ten day programmes have ended, we make sure that participants are equipped to develop their own community cohesion projects back in their own communities with supervision from us and our partners. We work with like-minded youth organisations across five countries so that we gain from expert knowledge and understanding of the communities we want to attract on to our programmes.

"Since the programme I have used my knowledge to educate others on conflict and have come back to deliver preparatory sessions to subsequent participants. I am a member of the Encompass Steering Group and hope to continue to make the change we all hope to see."   

Group indoorsIf you are interested in being part of the trust’s international programme, please click on join an programme, email us with your details, and a member of the team will be in touch.


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