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"I'd like Encompass to know that it has made a massive difference in not just my life, but to a lot of the other participants. It gives a lot of young people confidence in themselves. If only other people could feel the way I did after my programmes. I think that would be amazing." programme participant

We have worked with 1300 young people since 2003 both in the UK and internationally.

We run programmes that combine confidence building activities with workshops aimed at challenging young people to think about theirs and others identities, communities and cultures. Our long term goal is to engage young people who are marginalised, with activities that will boost skills, confidence, tolerance and employability. As a result of our programmes, young people have gone on to develop their own interfaith and inter-community cohesion activities and other projects.

We have engaged young people from five countries including the UK, USA, Israel, Palestine and Indonesia.

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