What We Do

Encompass currently works within the UK and abroad, running a number of different kinds of programmes targeted at young people. Within the UK, this includes the Belonging in Britain and This Refugee Life programmes. Overseas, Encompass relies on the hard work of our dedicated country representatives to manage and deliver our Journey of Understanding programmes twice a year. In addition to this, we also provide support to our many alumni, who continue to spread Encompass’ message of peace through smaller, independently run projects and events.

In the short term, we want our programmes to arm young people with the skills to influence and widen the perspectives of their peers, and bring about change in their communities. We want give them the confidence and ability to do this by developing their critical thinking and public speaking skills, through a range of challenging dialogue sessions. And above all, learning the essential skill of listening to one another.

In the long term, we want to build a network of alumni around the world, who will take the skills they have learnt though their experience with Encompass, and create new and exciting projects with the same goal in mind. This is the way in which Encompass hopes to make its greatest difference.

Who We Work With

Encompass Trust’s target audience are young people aged 13-25, who are from communities where polarising world views or ideologies have created divisions in society. These divisions affect the relationships these individuals have with the world around them. This might be young people raised in a conflict zone, those who are part of a vilified minority, or those whose community takes part in that vilification.

Ideal participants in our programmes come from both sides of these conflicted communities. They are those who already possess the skills to be influencers and change-makers, or have the capacity and will to develop them. They would be motivated, vocal, forward-thinking and have the courage to undertake challenges that will take them well out of their comfort zones.