Combating conflict by changing young people’s perceptions

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We cannot change the past.
But we will change the future

Ignorance of other people's perspectives can lead to fear, to hatred, to violence and to death, as the Braden family are all too painfully aware. They founded Encompass Trust to work with young people to challenge such hostility head on: to break the patterns of the past, and to forge a very different future.

When one group is taught to hate another, violence can follow. But when young people from diverse religions, communities and cultures meet face to face, peace becomes a possibility. Encompass enables meetings such as these. We run international and UK programmes combining outdoor trust and confidence building activities with workshops exploring themes such as culture, identity and stereotype. Young people are supported to go back into their own communities to share what they have learnt and to become the peace builders of the future.


Apply now for the Feb 2015 International JoU!

Encompass Trust ‘International Journey of Understanding’ 22nd February - 4th March 2015, Snowdonia, Wales Would you like to develop your intercultural understanding? Would you like to develop your confidence in engaging with people from different cultures and countries? Would you like to be part of a


Thoughts from the November programme

“It was mind blowing.  Before the programme I made lists about my stereotypes for each country, and on the programme I realised that most of them are false.  So I learned a lot that media should not easily be trusted.  It changed my perspective about many things.” Destarizky, Malang, Indonesia


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