Combating conflict by changing young people’s perceptions

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We cannot change the past.
But we will change the future

Ignorance of other people's perspectives can lead to fear, to hatred, to violence and to death, as the Braden family are all too painfully aware. They founded Encompass Trust to work with young people to challenge such hostility head on: to break the patterns of the past, and to forge a very different future.

When one group is taught to hate another, violence can follow. But when young people from diverse religions, communities and cultures meet face to face, peace becomes a possibility. Encompass enables meetings such as these. We run international and UK programmes combining outdoor trust and confidence building activities with workshops exploring themes such as culture, identity and stereotype. Young people are supported to go back into their own communities to share what they have learnt and to become the peace builders of the future.


Shining stars of 2014! Georgia from the UK

We wanted to share examples of our work in action. Georgia first became involved with Encompass as a participant on the November 2013 international programme. Since then she has become actively involved on the Encompass Youth Steering Group and has facilitated on some of our UK programmes.


Shining stars of 2014! Yair from Israel

We wanted to share some examples of our work in action. Yair from Israel originally came on the November 2013 international programme and has been active with Encompass ever since. "I owe a lot of what I now believe in and do to the Encompass programme. It started a long process of trying


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