Thoughts from the November programme

“It was mind blowing.  Before the programme I made lists about my stereotypes for each country, and on the programme I realised that most of them are false.  So I learned a lot that media should not easily be trusted.  It changed my perspective about many things.”

Destarizky, Malang, Indonesia


“I would say that it is a very spiritual journey of understanding but it is not for the faint hearted as you will be challenged on your very identity, let alone your opinions and views.  I would say that you will meet some of the best people you will ever meet and make friends for life.  For those who want to change their communities the Journey of Understanding will give them the tools to do it.”

Tim, Belfast, UK


“Enlightening, informative and exciting too.  It challenges many stereotyping in society today.  One of the best programmes ever.”
Peter, London, UK


“It made me realise how closed I am from others. It made me want to do more good things with my life.  I am still recovering from the intensity of it, and I still remember things I learnt from it.  It has cleared my mind a little and made me feel like I need to make sure I achieve my goals in life.  It has also taught me about how I need to improve my communication and openness with others.”

Zaeema, Slough, UK

“It was the most amazing thing I have ever done.”
Amira, London, UK


“I would like to thank the staff at Encompass and Plas Gwynant for making this one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Thank you for giving me the chance not only to learn something new, but also for allowing me to find myself.”
Sana, Slough, UK


“Amazing!  It was an incredible experience that changed my life!  It made me feel small and ignorant, but allowed me to realise that I need to get to know more people from other cultures.”
Lindsey, New Jersey, USA


“Up until this program, I didn’t really think about how I really felt about certain issues.  I had some sort of sense, but I never solidified my views.  Encompass made me think about how I really feel about the world, and opened my eyes to so many parts of my life that I hadn’t thought of.  It inspired me to no end, and I feel like a happier and more loving person after having done this program.”
Delphi, LA, USA


“Thank you for changing my life.”
Taylor, LA, USA


“It was the most meaningful experience of my life.  A chance to change perspectives and opinions, and to meet people that I wouldn’t have a chance to meet in any other way.”

Rina, Jerusalem, Israel


“It was challenging, effective and amazing. A life-changing experience.  Now I want to convince Israelis to meet Palestinians, and to try myself to meet more Palestinians.”
Bat-El, Jerusalem, Israel


“It was a wonderful experience that I never dreamt could happen.  It was challenging and at the same time very exciting. It is a very important thing to listen to the other side and try to find mutual points where we can start to think of solutions.  I’ve started thinking about how we can all live together in peace and without any problems exactly as we all lived together during the programme. We will meet again and help others to live together and share our experience.”
Mohammad, Tulkarem, Palestine


“The programme was something new and totally different for me and it made me think of the other people we share this planet with, and the importance of being part of the youth generation that can affect our community.  It increased my self-confidence a lot; it provided me with strength to speak myself out loud.  It had a great influence on me to accept others and leave the differences behind and start thinking of the bright side that’s hidden.  It’s hidden because of our fears, fears that we can overcome if we get the chance.”
Ghada, Ramallah, Palestine


“Sometimes I felt that I was not confident to have a conversation with someone from another country, but now I am really proud of being an Indonesian woman and want them to know about Indonesia.  I improved my self-confidence to speak in front of people because people respected me.  I used to have many assumptions and stereotypes towards other countries, and I found out that they are not true at all.”
Lilis, Malang, Indonesia

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