They’re back! Indonesia Summer Programme '13

A very jet-lagged Aisha, Miriam and Safoora are back in the UK!  (Nazima is holidaying in Bali for the week – lucky thing!)  These four members of the Encompass Youth Board (past-participants from three different Journeys or Understanding) have just embarked on a three-week trip volunteering with Encompass Indonesia to run a summer programme of workshops and activities for young people from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds in Malang, Indonesia.

They fundraised for the trip themselves, making and selling salads, cakes and curries, organising events and doing a sponsored 10k run.  They also received a grant from young people’s funding charity, the Jack Petchey Foundation.  (Check out this lovely story from the Slough News.)

Aisha reports that the trip was incredible.  “I didn’t want to come home!  The summer programme was amazing, the participants loved it and said they learnt so much.  In fact, it was such a success that Encompass Indonesia are now planning to do it every year!  Putri [a past-participant on the Journey of Understanding February 2012] went above and beyond the call of duty to look after us. We were blown away by the hospitality.”

So we would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to Putri and all the team at Encompass Indonesia for looking after our UK volunteers so well and making the programme amazing.  And a massive WELL DONE to Aisha, Miriam, Saf and Naz for having the determination and the drive to make it happen.  Their idea of running a project in Indonesia, which once seemed like idealistic, slightly naïve dream, has become reality.  Now they’ve proved it can be done, the sky is the limit and we look forward to supporting many more alumni to travel the world, spreading the Encompass message of peace wherever they go.

A more detailed update about their trip will follow, once the jetlag has worn off and they’ve had the chance to unpack.  But now it’s time for Aisha, Miriam, Safoora and Nazima to have a well-earned rest.  They deserve it!



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