Stories for macaroons - a competition!

So you may remember that back in April 2012 we took part in a GlobalGiving Challenge and you helped us raise 23p a minute for an entire month – a total of £10,000 to win the challenge and collect the prize money to boot! Don’t worry if you don’t remember this – it was a whopping TWO YEARS ago!  

That crazy month was the start of a beautiful relationship with GlobalGiving UK, who have continued to support us with training opportunities, skilled volunteers and a fundraising platform. Now we’re taking part in the GlobalGiving Storytelling Project, a global project to collect stories from thousands of individuals all over the world, which are uploaded (anonymously) onto a huge database.

Then the real work begins. Marc, GlobalGiving’s super-smart, probably-an-actual-genius techie (job title: Innovation Consultant) has developed a range of tools for analysing the data. Because stories are full of rich details (which quantitative questionnaires are unlikely to pick up on), they contain valuable insights into a community’s needs, what’s working, and solutions that we might not have thought of. Essentially it’s a completely new way of doing monitoring and evaluation.

The stories are collected by a team of volunteers, in our case, our Steering Group, who as well as writing their own stories, go out into their local communities as "scribes", collecting hundreds of stories. GlobalGiving have awarded us a grant of $800 towards scribe incentives, and so we are running a different competition each month, with different prizes up for grabs! This month, the Steering Group and staff team go head-to-head for macaroons, and currently our super competitive Programme Manager Lucy is in the lead having collected 12 stories!

If you would like to contribute your stories to this epic database and help us and other charities evaluate our work, click on the links below to fill in the story forms. Each storyteller should fill in two stories, one of which will act as a benchmark. (Neither story has to be about Encompass!) If you are a past participant on the Encompass programme, please write the date of your programme (month and year) and how many months ago that was, in the "other information" box. Otherwise feel free to leave it blank. THANK YOU!

Click here to tell a story about a time when an organisation or person changed something in your community.

Click here to tell a story about a time when a conflict arose because you had to work with someone different to yourself.

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