Shining stars of 2014! Dima from Palestine

As we draw a close to the end of 2014, we wanted to flag up some of our highlights of the year. What better way than to do this than via three case studies of young people who have had their lives changed by our work.

Dima, Yair and Georgia have all been on Encompass programmes this year, and are shining examples of how Encompass has made an impact.

Here is Dima from Palestine's story. She came on the February 2014 international programme.

"I had no prior expectations of the programme. I wanted the chance to see the world from outside the bubble I am living in; see how people think, how similar (or different), we really are. Encompass gave me the space to express myself and to trust without fear of being misunderstood.

I was worried about how it would be to meet the Israelis; something I never thought I would do. I never thought I'd have the chance to just sit with them and talk as human beings, listen to each other and try with all our energy to understand one another. At least I heard part of their story and have seen them as humans...I hope we will continue listening to each other in the process of trying to understand. I want to reach a point where I feel that I have been heard as a Palestinian.

Now that I'm back home, I will use all the skills I've learnt. I hope to share my thoughts and feelings and put them in to action." Dima, Palestine

Ecompass relies heavily on donations and suport from individuals, companies and grant giving trusts. If you think that Encompass makes a difference to the lives of young people, please donate to our work. With your support we can change even more lives in 2015.


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