Reflections on the February Journey 2014

“Phenomenal, exciting, progress, change, achieve, real… It made me realise how much I can give back. I will go and make my own ripple effect in my community.” Yusran, UK


“It takes you on an emotional and challenging ride – it really is a journey of understanding!” Jemila, UK


“The relationships I have made have been eye opening and have changed the way I look at myself. It has been emotionally challenging for me – a personal rollercoaster – but has allowed me to approach struggles I have in new ways and with close new friends by my side, helping me along the way. This programme has changed me for the better, for good.”        Amma, UK


“This is an experience like no other. Encompass, you have changed 24 people’s lives. Now I am going to use my better understanding and new skills to facilitate workshops in my home town, because it has reassured me that I can help someone.” Husna, UK


“It was challenging but amazing. I can’t thank Encompass enough for giving me so many inspirational people in my life. I am leaving with new found determination, motivation and ambition for the future, to make a change.” Laurence, UK


“Before the programme, I didn’t think I could have an impact on other people’s lives. On the programme, I had a chance to help people and I felt like a leader. I’m more open to different people now, and willing to explore more. This programme has changed my life.” TJ, UK


“It made me understand that there are good people everywhere. It has been mind-opening.” Hadas, Israel


“Change can be done. I was a bit of a cynic and non-believer before the programme.” Adi, Israel


“Inspiring, motivating, and refreshing. It broke down walls.” Dima, Palestine


“It was eye-opening and challenging. It helped me to view the conflicts in my own life in a different light, to have more constructive results. I am really motivated now to work on having a youth group in my community and help them in different aspects of their lives, from identity to family problems.” Marina, Palestine


“The programme made me start thinking that all the people all over the world are brothers and we have to live together in peace.” Mohammad, Palestine


"You should join this programme because it will change your life!" Neisya, Indonesia


"I loved it. I learnt about other people and now I want to go back and develop my community." Ary, Indonesia


“It was incredible; I can’t put into words how much meeting new people and making close friends means to me. It’s more than a journey of understanding; it’s also a journey of adventure, friendship, emotions, maturity and life-changes.” Jorge, USA


“It was a life-changing experience and I will be forever grateful for being involved in something so beautiful.” Derek, USA


“If you like to have your boundaries pushed, your issues surfaced, your mind opened, your anxieties laid out and/or you like to voice your opinion on controversial issues, then this is definitely the programme for you. I am grateful every day for the friends I made, the experiences I created and shared, and the more open I’ve become. This is something everyone should have the chance to go through, because we don’t realise it, but we really do live in a bubble of a matter where you come from. It’s absolutely crucial to at least explore and understand another country and its cultures on a level like this.” Marisa, USA

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