Nelson Mandela: an inspiration to us all

"As an opponent of apartheid since my teens, I had always been impressed, to say the least, by Nelson Mandela and his amazing acceptance of, and reconciliation with, his jailers and oppressors. I had always imagined that South Africa would eventually descend into a blood bath, but he saved his country from all that horror.  Certainly he was a great influence on me when we decided to set up Encompass in response to the killing of our son, Daniel, by Indonesian extremists on the island of Bali in October 2002. Mandela had taught me the essential lesson of reconciliation; to see the 'other', even those who have done terrible things to me and my family, first and foremost as human beings and to try to understand them. All my family, the Trustees and Staff of Encompass join in the celebration of Nelson Mandela's life and hope in some small way to continue our efforts for understanding and reconciliation between communities in his spirit.”

Alex Braden

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