Just rewards for incredible achievements

On Sunday 17th March we are embarking on another Journey of Understanding, and as always in the weeks running up to the programme, the office is a hive of activity. We’re busy confirming all the bookings, ordering food for the various dietary requirements of participants, watching them plan their intercultural evening presentations and making sure they pack enough warm clothes... (Something tells me this programme is going to be an especially cold one!)

The excitement is mounting, but this time, there’s reason to be EVEN MORE excited (if possible) as to what’s in store. Encompass Trust has joined the AQA Unit Award Scheme, which means we can now formally recognise the achievements of our participants. UK participants (past and present) will be able to receive official accreditation for their efforts transforming their communities and working towards a more peaceful world.

The AQA Unit Award Scheme is a nationally recognised scheme for recording and celebrating the achievements of young people. While Unit Awards are available for all abilities and in all subjects, the units we will use are in areas such as youth leadership, facilitating intercultural learning and planning, fundraising for and delivering community projects.

The beauty of joining this scheme is that these are all things Encompass participants are already doing. We’ve seen young people implement a wide range of different activities and projects tackling the root causes of problems in their communities, and now we can formally reward that. Moreover, feedback from the Youth Board is that they love what they do and they know how valuable it is... but when it comes to writing their CVs, they would quite like to have something official to show for it! We’re really excited that the AQA Unit Award Scheme will help us give young people the recognition that they most definitely deserve.

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