Dinner for peace on Sunday 21st September!

We are always on the look out for fundraising ideas that appeal to everyone, and we felt that this one was a winner! It doesn't involve jumping out of a plane or shaving your beard off, but simply inviting your friends around for dinner.

It's called Dinner4Good and allows you to raise money for Encompass by simply doing something you enjoy - having friends around for dinner! To see how it works just go to

From here you can create and send personalised email invitations which takes less than five minutes. Your guests can then accept and donate online, so there's no awkwardness over asking for money or hassle collecting cash. You can see who's coming and how much is being raised in a click.

Dinner4Good takes care of everything, including claiming the Gift Aid which reduces the admin for us. All you have to do is hold the dinner, eat, drink and enjoy yourselves!

Sunday September 21st has been chosen by us as a day to encourage as many people as possible to host their own Dinner4Good as it's UN International Day of Peace. Of course you are free to host your dinner on any day but the more dinners we can get hosted on International Day of Peace, the more publicity we can generate for our work.

If you would like to speak to someone about this email

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