Alumni set up summer camp in Palestine

We've always said that when the Journey of Understanding ends, a new journey begins as Encompass Alumni return to their communities to make changes that really matter. Out in Palestine, previous participants and two recruits to the November programme emphatically proved the point.

For two weeks in July, they ran a summer camp offering local children English lessons and a whole lot more. If you’ve ever fancied singing “Bringing home a baby bumble bee” whilst playing musical chairs, wink wink, and who’s the leader, and simultaneously creating fingerprint trees, fridge magnets, animal puppets, posters and tissue paper butterflies – this was the place where you could do it (given sufficient multi-tasking skills of course).

The team included Assala AbuTeen, Khadrah AbuZant, Anas Salame and Farah Serrawi (Encompass Alumni), and Hend AbuShanab, Carmel Tayeh, Mahamoud Saddar and Ahmad Qadan (future participants in the programme.

Congratulations to them all for demonstrating so vividly how, once the journey is over, Encompass Alumni return to their communities ... and really make things happen.

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