Forget the F-Word. The 'H' is Silent

Join us at our event, in partnership with Westminster University: Forget the F-word. The 'H' is Silent.

A number of recent incidents, on buses and elsewhere, have seen the public stand by and watch (or film on their smartphone) while vulnerable people are verbally attacked and abused for theirappearence, race or religion. Why does no-one stand up to express their dismay? It's not about the F-word (faith). It's about the H-word - humanity? Why is the 'H' always silent?

What can we do to empower people to stand up for humanity? What has been the impact of the refugee crisis?

This debate will look at how we can transcend, without ignoring, issues of faith to make sure the H is no longer silent.

Speakers confirmed: Eric Appleby, Encompass Trust - Julie Siddiqui, Islamic Society of Britain - Zrinka Bralo, The Forum.

When: Thursday 26th November 2015 6-8pm

Where: Westminster University, Regent Street, London, W1B 2HW


This is a free event. Donations to Encompass Trust extremely welcome. Without support from people like you we can't continue the work that we do.  

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