My time as an intern by Taylor Shields

Taylor is majoring in Child and Family Studies at Syracuse University, and is currently in London on the Syracuse Study Abroad programme. Taylor has been interning at Encompass since September.

“London is filled with excitement on almost every corner and you will never run out of things to do.”

“London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, think of all the people you will meet.” 

These are some of the things I told myself before arriving in London. I was so excited to study abroad,but I knew I wanted a little more out of my time in London.  So I started looking into internships. I was not sure what exactly it was I wanted to do, all I knew was I wanted to make a difference in others’ lives; at the same time learn about myself. The internship coordinator at the Syracuse University London Program sent me quite a few options, but when I saw Encompass Trust, I jumped at the opportunity eagerly awaiting their acceptance of my CV. I previously heard of Encompass Trust through an email about the week long Journey of Understanding sent to students by Syracuse University, which happened to be a program I wanted to be a part of.  After weeks of anticipation, I started my internship.

Interning at Encompass Trust has been everything I imagined. To be surrounded by people who share the same values as yourself and genuinely want to make a difference in the world is a remarkable feeling.  Working at internships can be quite intimidating, especially in a different country, but thanks to Eric, Jason, Lucy and Sahdia, it has been quite seamless. They have welcomed me since day one, taught me what diversity really means, introduced me to a world of new understanding and allowed me to offer the same in return.  This has been an experience I truly have learned from with people I will not forget.

                                                             -Taylor Shields, Encompass Trust Intern, Fall 2013

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