Bringing Encompass to Bermondsey

If you’re looking for a 27m high climbing wall, look no further than Bermondsey. That’s not all you’ll find. Because it’s part of the Salmon Youth Centre, a world-class facility which offers every kind of youth club activity plus ... well, take your pick. Arts awards, FA Level 2 coaching, trampolining, Foundation Studies in Youth Work .. the list goes on. And now, thanks to a brand new partnership, it offers the Encompass programme as well.

The faith-based centre serves a community of marginalised young people, many involved in gang culture, operating on the fringe of criminality, living with unstable home lives, and struggling to survive in difficult and disadvantaged circumstances.

Sam Adofo is Salmon’s director, and he’s emphatic that the Encompass programme will enrich the lives of the young people who participate. He says, “It’s really important that we engage people in intercultural activities, especially in Bermondsey where many young people don’t have a lot of knowledge of the world outside their area.

“It’s a rare privilege to engage with young people from different cultures. Encompass will allow us to do that. The programme will really add to what we’re doing by opening the minds of young people and broadening their horizons”.

And how exactly does Encompass make that happen? Check out our UK Projects page to see. One more way in which Encompass is combating conflict by changing young people’s perceptions.

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