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Encompass was set up in 2003 by the parents of Daniel Braden who, alongside 201 other tourists, was tragically killed in a terrorist attack at a bar in Bali in 2002. They believe that Daniel was targeted not as an individual, but as one of many who embody a set of values that the bombers despised and did not understand.

The trust was founded on the basis that the hatred that drives people to commit such acts of violence grows out of fear, prejudice and a misunderstanding of people who are different. It hopes to prevent fear and suspicion by bringing people together from various countries and communities to challenge them to think about their differing identities, cultures and communities - and the stereotypes and misconceptions people may have of them. 

The project

Whether a person is fifth-generation British-born, moved to the UK as a young child or is living in the UK as a newly arrived migrant, we all have different experiences of participating in British society.

We want to know what it is like to live in Britain today, to provide a space for people to reflect on their experiences, and to challenge the ideas of “Britishness” and “belonging” by speaking to those of different generations.  Who really “belongs” in the UK? Who has more right to call the UK a home and what reasons are instrumentalised to separate and exclude “non-British” communities?

The project will consist of:

Stage 1: A workshop involving lively and challenging exercises on key themes such as belonging, home and Britishness. This will be run by an experienced facilitator. The workshop will include a casual photoshoot with a photographer to capture the ideas of inclusion and exclusion from society

Stage 2: An exhibition of the photos and a panel discussion with key speakers commenting on issues of belonging and Britishness in the current era.

Join the Project

We are looking for participants with interesting backgrounds who are happy to provide perspectives from different cultures, social classes, ages, faiths, ethnicities, sexes and locations in the UK.

You need to be available for approximately four days in central London over a period of 3 or 4 months and must attend the initial workshop (dates and location TBC)

You should expect to participate in discussions and have your photo taken for display in the photography exhibition

We also welcome candidates who would like to blog about their experiences at the workshop and we can add their content to our online platforms


Hands on experience of how to deliver a community based project, with insights from photographers and professionals on advocacy and communications

Your photo could be featured in an exhibition

All travel and food expenses will be reimbursed

Application process

Send an email, stating briefly why you want to be involved in this project, by 5pm on 29th October to Eric Appleby -

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