Amit and Yair board the "Bus of Peace"

Today, two Encompass alumni, Yair and Amit (who is also our Israeli Coordinator) boarded a bus in Jerusalem. But this was not just any bus. Plastered with flowers and peace slogans, the bus is making its way to Gaza to send a message of solidarity and dialogue.

The “Bus of Peace” is an initiative inspired by Abie Nathan, founder of "The Voice of Peace" Radio Station, and they will be broadcasting live from inside the bus, enabling conversations and calling for protests against the violence, alongside poetry readings and art forms which express the humanity of those caught up in the conflict and spread hope.

Amit says, “It's not an easy thing to do and there's a lot of thoughts about whether it's the right thing, but we're gonna do it. May peaceful days come soon. My prayers and heart are with you.”

We wish them safety on their journey. 

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