UK programme gets massive boost

We have just received some exciting news here at Encompass! Our UK Programme will be partly funded for the next two years by Comic Relief.

Comic Relief, the grant giving organisation that raises money for charities through Red Nose Day, has pledged to fund our UK work for two years. Our UK Programme is designed to bring young people together from socially disadvantaged and divided communities by developing local projects which will bridge cultural, religious and ideological barriers.

Like the Journey of Understanding, the programme combines challenging outdoor pursuits and team activities with facilitated workshops exploring themes such as culture, identity and stereotypes. Encompass hopes participants will go on to develop and implement their own projects to bring about positive and lasting change and to help bridge the divide amongst communities.

We’re really excited that Comic Relief is on board and willing to help us reach our vision here at Encompass! We will now be working to raise the rest of the funds required to keep the UK programme moving forward.

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