12th October 2002 - 15 years on

We find it hard to believe that 15 years have passed since 12th October 2002 when 202 were killed in Bali and hundreds more injured.

We could very easily dwell on the countless thousands killed, maimed or homeless as a result of sectarian violence and wars since then. But, here at ENCOMPASS, we prefer to take a positive view.

We have always believed that when people truly understand each other, one to one, prejudice and hatred give way to bonds of friendship which transcend political and religious divides. This principle has been proved time and again with some really lasting affects in all our work in Indonesia, Israel, the Palestinian Territories,the US and the UK - although we seem to have more work to do than when we started.

We thank all who have been with us during the last 15 years for your continued interest, support and/or donations.

Alex Braden

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