"Encompass was my perfect world"

I believe every one of us has had a different experience to that of one another, even though we have been through the same programme. How we perceive it and how we compare it to where we come from and when we go back, makes the difference. With Encompass I felt home, the like I have not


A letter to the JoU Feb 14 participants

The weather in the Lake District was wet, windy, and bitingly cold.  The mountain tops were dusted with snow, which occasionally flurried down into the valleys. Otherwise, rain and hail battered Derwentwater centre. This was a programme of highs, and lows. The Journey of Understanding is never easy,


Busy busy busy - 1 week until the #JoUFeb14!

With less than a week to go, the office is a hive of activity in preparation for the Journey of Understanding February 2014. Sahdia and I heaved two suitcases of fleeces to the laundry on Friday – a job we’ve been putting off for 2 months! But 28 fleeces are clean now and ready to wrap around our