“Life-changing is an understatement”

As we gear up for the February Journey of Understanding, we thought now was the time to update you on the November programme. As always, the experience is hard to put into words, and as one of the participants put it, “To say this is a life-changing experience is the biggest


Apply now for the Feb 2014 International JoU!

Encompass Trust ‘International Journey of Understanding’ 9th - 17th February 2014, Lake District Would you like to develop your intercultural understanding? Would you like to develop your confidence in engaging with people from different cultures and countries? Would you like to be part of a challenging


Nelson Mandela: an inspiration to us all

"As an opponent of apartheid since my teens, I had always been impressed, to say the least, by Nelson Mandela and his amazing acceptance of, and reconciliation with, his jailers and oppressors. I had always imagined that South Africa would eventually descend into a blood bath, but he saved his