A long, cold March to understanding!

17th March 2013, 4pm, Heathrow Airport.  24 young people from 5 different countries are gathered together next to a sea of suitcases and rucksacks. Some of them have travelled for many hours and thousands of miles, from Indonesia, Palestine, Israel.  All morning, participants have been arriving;


Chu's Journey of Understanding

Chu Wu was an American participant on the Journey of Understanding (our international programme) in November 2012. This is his story: "The idea of me being a participant on the Journey of Understanding made me both extremely nervous and excited. I was prepared to learn about new cultures,


Attention to all Bike Riders!

Would you like to experience what it is like to cycle under the moonlight while riding along one of London’s iconic routes raising money for Encompass? If so, then the London to Brighton Moonride on 12-13th July 2013 is just for you! Moonriders offer the chance to cycle one of two iconic routes