Alex Braden

Alex, Daniel’s father, was founder, Chairman and CEO of Yachting Partners International. He ran the company from its formation in 1972 until the end of 2009. He has committed himself wholeheartedly to the work of the trust ever since and says, “I find my spirit lifted each time I meet our participants and when I am with our own staff and volunteers. It is inspiring to see that there are so many lively and intelligent young men and women who want to change the world and are prepared to do so much more than just talk about it”. Alex remains the Chair of Trustee.

Mandy Braden

Mandy, Daniel’s mother, was instrumental in setting up Encompass in 2003 together with Alex, with Daniel’s sister Claire, and with Daniel's girlfriend Jun. She says, “I’m totally committed to the trust’s ideals and ethos. I’m directly involved through meeting with participants in the “Journey of Understanding”. I hear what a difference just one week together makes to their ideas, their perceptions and their attitudes. I know that breaking down prejudices through personal interaction has a great and positive power, and it is a privilege to honour Daniel’s memory in this way”.

Claire Braden

A TV documentary director specialising in documentaries about people’s lives (but also, on a lighter note, directing "The Great British Bake Off"), Claire is able to bring a particular professional perspective to the work of the trust. She says, “As someone involved in documentary-making, I love to see how young people interact. I greatly admire the charity’s unique capacity to bring together people who might otherwise never meet, and its capacity to change their lives and world view altogether”. Claire remains a Trustee.

Peter Meekings

Peter is Daniel’s uncle. He became a trustee in 2004, and has been instrumental in planning the direction of the charity and in structuring its day-to-day financial and logistical management. He says, “My office-based day job (I worked as a civil servant) gave me very little insight into different international cultures and communities. Working with Encompass has been a revelation to me. I have been, and continue to be, deeply inspired by the way in which bridges are built and good will is generated by the trust’s work”.


Hilary Cross

Hilary Cross is an executive director at Macmillan Cancer Support. As Director of Marketing and Communications, she is responsible for all brand, communications, marketing and campaigning activity as well as the charity’s digital function, including the website, social media activity and online community. Hilary has worked in communications for over 25 years, starting as a journalist then at charities including the NSPCC. She joined Macmillan in 2001 as Head of Media and was promoted to board level in 2007. She is particularly proud that Macmillan was voted the Marketing Society Brand of the Year 2014. Hilary has been involved in social justice issues since attending her first CND march in the 60s as a toddler!

Neville Pressley

Neville initially worked professionally with Encompass as the trust’s accountant. When he retired in 2008, he became a trustee. He has extensive charity-sector experience, having been chair of a number of charities working in mental health, social care, and social housing. For 20 years he served as chair of MIND in Worthing. He has had a lifelong interest in international issues, and was a member of the CND executive committee and the Liberal Democrats’ defence policy group.

American Trustees

Nick Braden

Ed Acker

Angus MacKirdy

Kevin Merrigan

Jun Hirst



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