Alex and Mandy Braden introduce Encompass:

"Our son Daniel died in a terrorist attack in Bali in 2002. Not because of who he was. But because, to the bombers, he was just one more representative of a set of values that they despised and did not understand".

"It was this realisation that led us to set up the trust. Encompass was founded on the principle that when people truly understand each other, one to one, prejudice and hatred give way to bonds of friendship which transcend political and religious divides.This principle has been proved time and again since the trust was founded in 2003. Encompass is a small charity, funded entirely by voluntary donations. It is supported by a dedicated community of alumni and volunteers, with staff co-ordinators in Indonesia, Israel, Palestine and the UK. In our work and personal stories you will see what we do, and the impact that it has on individuals. However much we may long to do so, we cannot change the past. But we can change the future". Alex and Mandy Braden

What we do

  • Enable interfaith and inter-community cohesion
  • Boost young peoples employability skills
  • Support young people to develop community projects
  • Help build young peoples confidence and self-esteem
  • Build trust between diverse communities
  • Challenge the factors that can lead to racism, religious hatred and radicalisation
  • Act as a catalyst for long term attitudinal change by running programmes with UK and international impact

How we do it

UK work

  • Same Difference programme
  • UK alumni community cohesion projects
  • Schools pilot
  • Youth workers and youth leaders pilot
  • Music pilot

International work

  • Journey of Understanding
  • International alumni community cohesion projects  

Who we aim to help - We aim to help young people aged 13-25 across five countries including the UK, Palestine, Israel, Indonesia and the USA.



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