Combating conflict by changing young people’s perceptions

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Encompass aims to build trust, opportunities and community cohesion.

Encompass works with young people from five countries to enable dialogue, community cohesion and opportunities to engage in life-changing community projects. We run international and UK programmes that challenge stereotype and build trust between diverse communities. We tackle the factors that can lead to isolation and hate crime and act as a catalyst for long term change.

"To be honest I know quite a few different charities that work with young people, but the reason why my organisation works very closely with Encompass is because the way they do things is very unique...the way they develop their workshops, their activities and debates. I feel that because the family of Daniel Braden have put so much heart into this it's done with passion." youth worker


Innit Grand: Belonging and Britishness for an Australian in London.

By Olivia Franklin.     A little while ago now, I, along with ten other volunteers, took part in a one-day workshop - the very beginning of Encompass’ new project, ‘Belonging in Britain’.   As you might have already read, this project took shape in the wake of Brexit, Islamic extremism, and reflexive Islamaph [...]


Coming Home: The Heart of Belonging

By Louise Yu.   I came across the intercultural charity Encompass and the project, ‘Belonging in Britain’, on a volunteering website. The project aimed to find out what belonging meant to all kinds of people living in the UK. With Brexit high on the agenda, and the rise of anti-immigration and anti-Muslim sentiment, belonging i [...]


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